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Bespoke Christmas Cards

Whether it’s for your office or something special for your family, bespoke Christmas cards from Newstyle Print will really add some wow factor this Christmas. We offer quality Christmas card printing at very affordable pricing. Get 50 350gsm / SILK / Double Sided Christmas cards with a beautiful gloss fronted lamination for only £51 + […]

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PVC banner printing by Newstyle Print

High Quality Low Cost PVC Banner Printing We offer quality PVC banner printing across the United Kingdom. Our banners come with free UK delivery, hem and eyelets and with a typical 1 – 3 day turnaround time. We take great care that our PVC banner printing is of the highest standard, with each banner being […]

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Happy New Year 2018!

A very Happy New Year from Newstyle Print. We wish 2018 to be a wonderful year for all our valued customers and partners. So what can you expect from us in 2018? Well, in a word, LOTS! We are busy working on some exciting updates to our website. These changes will make ordering even easier […]

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Should You be Using Branded Letterheads? 

In the UK, ever-increasing amounts of red tape, legal compliance issues and in general bureaucracy, see businesses spending more and more time attending to essential administrative tasks. What is more, whether sending out invoices or communicating via written correspondence with creditors, the modern business is far from paperless. The only question is, could you turn […]

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2018’s Top Free & Non-Free Leaflet & Poster Design Software Suites

At Newstyle Print we occasionally work with clients who, while having all the best intentions in the world, likely won’t see a fantastic ROI simply because of their design process. We’re talking, of course, about people who create “DIY” print media designs in order to save money, despite having very little design know how. What is more, while […]

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Benefits of Folded Leaflet Vs Standard Leaflet Printing in 2018

At Newstyle Print, our prerogative is to help businesses drive real conversions using professional, low-cost print advertising. Print media advertising, however, is far from a one size fits all marketing solution for businesses. While poster and roller banner printing might result in fantastic customer engagement in one business context, such devices will not always work […]

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Top 2018 Marketing Benefits of Sticker Printing

With print marketing making a huge come back across the UK, professional printers like ourselves are constantly seeing upsurges in demand for banner, leaflet, and poster printing. One printing trend, however, is still to start making a comeback in the UK, despite being one of the most affordable and effective ways to passively advertise. We’re […]

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Is Print Dead? – No!

The digital advertising world loves to periodically declare that print is dead. In truth, banner, leaflet and general printing businesses like Newstyle Print are flourishing. What is more you don’t need to just take our word on that. In June 2017, the British Printing Industries Federation published data showing that in 2016 the UK print […]

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Displaying Your Posters

Posters are unique as a modern marketing medium. Poster printing, after all, essentially gave rise to modern marketing and advertising as we know it. Despite, however, over 100-years of posters making high impact marketing impressions, many people don’t actually know how to use posters effectively as an advertising medium. Thankfully, at Newstyle Print, we do. […]

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Paper Weight & GSM Thicknesses

In the UK and the European Union, paper in printing is measured in grams per square meter referred to simply as GSM. Of course, everyday paper users rarely think about why paper thicknesses matter. Paper, after all, is just paper. In a professional printing context, however, you wouldn’t expect something like a book or promotional […]

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