We helped Huskaloo Scoop Up Success at PATS Telford 2023

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Newstyle Print is delighted to announce its collaboration with Huskaloo, a leading eco-friendly cat litter brand, to print a striking trade stand for the PATS Telford 2023 pet industry event. The stand, measuring an impressive 6m x 3m, showcased Huskaloo’s innovative products and credentials to a captivated audience of pet owners and industry professionals.

A Dazzling Showcase for an Eco-Conscious Brand

Newstyle Print worked closely with Huskaloo’s in-house designer to bring their vision for the trade stand to life. Together, they crafted a stand that perfectly encapsulated Huskaloo’s brand identity, utilising vibrant graphics and high-quality materials. The walls of the stand were constructed from 3mm foamex panels, known for their lightweight, durable, and recyclable nature. These panels were then printed using a high-resolution 1000dpi process, ensuring eye-catching graphics that effectively communicated Huskaloo’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Enhancing the Design with Specialist Vinyl Flooring

To complement the stand’s visually appealing design, Newstyle Print also supplied specialist vinyl flooring. This durable and easy-to-clean flooring provided a practical and professional backdrop for the stand.

Adhesives for a Seamless Finish

To guarantee a flawless and professional finish, Newstyle Print also provided all the necessary adhesives for the stand’s construction. These high-quality adhesives ensured a secure and durable bond between the various components, guaranteeing the stand’s stability and longevity throughout the event.

Client Satisfaction and a Prosperous Collaboration

The Huskaloo team was delighted with the final product, commending Newstyle Print for their expertise, creativity, and dedication to quality. The stand effectively captured the essence of Huskaloo’s brand and successfully conveyed their message to a broad audience.

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About Tailor Grace Limited

Tailor Grace Limited stands as a leading provider of innovative pet products and accessories. The company is dedicated to creating products that are both stylish and functional. Tailor Grace Limited is home to two popular brands: Huskaloo, the eco-friendly cat litter, and Oggis World, a range of stylish and practical pet accessories.

About PATS Telford 2023

PATS Telford 2023 represented the UK’s largest pet industry event, drawing thousands of pet owners and industry professionals. The event showcased a diverse range of pet products and services, from innovative grooming tools to nutritious pet food. PATS Telford provided an excellent platform for businesses to connect with potential customers and promote their products.

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