Bespoke Wall Decal for Rutland Hall Hotel

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Rutland Hall Hotel

Rutland Hall HotelAt Newstyle Print, our passion lies in bringing visions to life through vibrant and bespoke creations. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Rutland Hall Hotel, a cherished client, to craft a captivating staff area that resonates with the company’s core values. Our task was to design and produce custom wall decal, serving as a daily inspiration for their esteemed team.

Understanding the Vision

Upon receiving the project brief from Rutland Hall Hotel, we were excited to embark on this creative journey. Our initial step was to thoroughly understand the essence of the client’s vision. Capturing the ethos of the company was fundamental for us, as it formed the basis of our design process. We firmly believe that grasping a brand’s essence is pivotal for a successful collaboration.

A Symphony of Creativity

In close collaboration with Rutland Hall Hotel’s marketing team, we meticulously designed the wall decal to encapsulate the company’s values in a visually captivating manner. Our design process is highly collaborative, fostering open communication and allowing for seamless iterations until the design is perfected. Our goal was not only to create a visually appealing piece but also to ensure that the values and messages were conveyed clearly and strikingly.

Bringing the Vision to Life

Once the design was finalised and approved, it was time to turn the concept into a tangible masterpiece. For this project, we chose to use high tack vinyl, a material renowned for its adhesive strength and versatility. This vinyl is highly effective even on challenging surfaces, such as walls painted with latex-based paints. Its adhesive properties allow it to conform to various textures, ensuring a seamless and eye-catching result.

Moreover, we opted to cut the vinyl to shape and applied a protective laminate. This step was crucial in preserving the image from scuffs and enhancing its durability. The lamination not only adds an extra layer of protection but also enriches the visual appeal of the wall decal.

The Result: A Seamless and Striking Creation

With the vinyl cut, shaped, laminated, and ready for installation, our team carefully prepared the wall decal for the client. The final result was nothing short of remarkable – a seamless integration of design and space, effectively highlighting the company’s core values.

The customer was exceedingly pleased with the outcome, commending the seamless design and the vivid representation of their values. This reaffirms our commitment to delivering on our promises and exceeding our client’s expectations. Get a quote now. 

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