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Should You be Using Branded Letterheads? 


In the UK, ever-increasing amounts of red tape, legal compliance issues and in general bureaucracy, see businesses spending more and more time attending to essential administrative tasks. What is more, whether sending out invoices or communicating via written correspondence with creditors, the modern business is far from paperless. The only question is, could you turn the written correspondence you send to your marketing advantage also?

What You Need to Know About Newstyle Print Printed Letterheads

Personalized and branded letterheads are nothing new. In fact, in the UK, such media has already been used for over a century to help solidify businesses brand identities. What is more, custom branded letterheads are just as powerful a marketing tool today as they were in the Victorian era.

Printed Letterheads Help Give Businesses Personality

Even when sending written letters to government agencies and suppliers, a printed letterhead will catch the eye and make an immediate marketing impression on whoever is tasked with reading and processing your correspondence. This being the case, even remittance advice sent to suppliers can act as a powerful print media marketing tool.

Printed Letterheads Build Trust 

In any direct written communication with customers, printed letterheads and wet (handwritten) signatures can help build trust. This is because a custom look and feel to a letter makes customers feel like real time and effort has been spent preparing and sending such correspondence.

Printed Letterheads can be used as Direct Sales Devices

As a rule, printed letterheads created by the likes of ourselves at Newstyle Print can include much more than just printed logo and address details. Instead, company letterheads can also feature company slogans, special offer details, and social media handles. All you need to do is decide how many variations of your letterhead you would like, before creating or having your letterheads professionally created and printed for you.

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