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Top 2018 Marketing Benefits of Sticker Printing


With print marketing making a huge come back across the UK, professional printers like ourselves are constantly seeing upsurges in demand for banner, leaflet, and poster printing. One printing trend, however, is still to start making a comeback in the UK, despite being one of the most affordable and effective ways to passively advertise.

We’re talking, of course, about sticker printing. i.e. The printing of company logos and branding messages on printable stickers, which can be peeled and placed almost anywhere. The only question, is how could Newstyle Print sticker printing benefit your business?

Sticker Printing is Essentially Real-World Social Media Marketing

In years gone by, vehicle bumper stickers were a time-honored way for individuals to show support for brands and businesses which they personally felt enthused by. Much more importantly, Nielsen marketing studies still show that 90% of people still feel inclined to trust such real-world word of mouth recommendations.

Displaying branded business stickers builds trust whilst being extraordinarily low cost. What is more, having a printing people like ourselves at Newstyle Print create vibrant, long-lasting stickers, is easy. All you need to do is settle on a catchy sticker design, before essentially giving stickers away and watching as your customers start marketing your business for you.

Sticker Printing Circumvents Marketing Saturation from Local & National Competitors

In both print and digital advertising, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses and brands with bigger marketing budgets to completely wash out their competition.

On a local level, businesses like supermarkets often use blanket distribution of flyers, high-cost billboard advertising, and big budget (online) pay per click advertising, to completely neuter their competition. Thankfully, because stickers are essentially personal brand endorsements, using stickers can completely circumvent such marketing over-saturation. All a local greengrocer has to do is make sure that their most loyal customers feel enthused enough to start telling their own brand story for them.

At Newstyle Print Our Stickers Can Pay for Themselves

Arguably the biggest advantage of using stickers to market a business stems from the fact that stickers can be both given away freely and sold as a form of branded product merchandise.

In every respect, businesses would find it hard to near impossible to sell a promotional flyer to their customers. Stickers, however, are regarded as fun and relationship building, to such an extent that they can be sold at service counters and because of this literally, cover their own printing and production costs.

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