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Is Print Dead? – No!


The digital advertising world loves to periodically declare that print is dead. In truth, banner, leaflet and general printing businesses like Newstyle Print are flourishing. What is more you don’t need to just take our word on that. In June 2017, the British Printing Industries Federation published data showing that in 2016 the UK print industry generated a turnover of £13.8 billion up from £13.5 billion in 2014. So print really isn’t dead. In fact printing businesses are thriving, specifically because more and more businesses are rediscovering the effectiveness and affordability of print-based marketing media.

Print Isn’t Dying – But Print Media Marketing Know-How Might Be

When people say that print media is dying, what they are actually saying is that the printed newspaper and magazine industry is dying, which leads to the effectiveness of ads printed in such publications becoming less successful. The good news is that if businesses can invest time researching more contemporary print media marketing strategies, print media itself can still prove phenomenally effective as a marketing medium.

How Should Businesses Be Using Print Media in 2018

At Newstyle Print Limited, we regularly work with everyone from large event organisers to small-scale catering companies. In every case the businesses we work with see the best marketing results from printed media when they invest in ad mediums, which keep on making marketing impressions long after an event or promotion is over.

Affordable, portable and long-lasting print mediums such as feather flags are perfect for announcing brands at events. At the same time, however, the same medium can be used on-site at businesses establishments to help augment daily foot traffic and increase local brand visibility.

Integrating Print Media With Your Digital Marketing Efforts

While digital marketers love to declare print as dead, the print industry itself has never feared or even attempted to compete against the digital marketing industry. This is because people like ourselves at Newstyle print know that the most beneficial marketing outcomes come about when both mediums are integrated.

From social handles on business cards to using information on subscription databases to send targeted “we haven’t seen you for a while” flyer promotions, print and digital media will always work best when the two mediums complement each other, rather than compete against one another. In fact, even PVC banners and posters can help drive online consumer interactions, simply via inclusion of interactive elements such as scannable QR codes.

Are you using print media to promote your business the right way? If still stuck in the age of “let’s run a local newspaper ad and see what happens,” there is a strong likelihood that you are not. The only question is, how might you be able to bring your print marketing strategy up to speed with the 21st-century?

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