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Paper Weight & GSM Thicknesses


In the UK and the European Union, paper in printing is measured in grams per square meter referred to simply as GSM.

Of course, everyday paper users rarely think about why paper thicknesses matter. Paper, after all, is just paper. In a professional printing context, however, you wouldn’t expect something like a book or promotional pamphlet to be printed on the same paper thickness as that of the paper in your home printer tray.

Why GSM Matters

At Newstyle Print, we always use the most appropriate paper thicknesses for the media which our clients require printing and embossing.

Paper of the standard 80gsm thickness which most people are familiar with simply isn’t suitable for things like professional leaflet and flyer printing. This is why depending on your media specifics, we will usually use paper of a 130gsm or 150gsm thickness which can hold the inks you need using better.

Choosing the Right GSM Thickness for Your Print Media

At Newstyle Print, we create posters, banners, business cards, and a wide variety of other print materials. In every case, however, the end quality of the designs which we print will always depend on the thickness and absorbency of the paper we print on in the first place.

Are you planning on using printed posters to launch a new promotion? If so, you will typically need to have poster designs themselves printed on paper with an average thickness of 170gsm. This is because thinner paper simply isn’t capable of holding the same amount of ink as thicker paper. – Hence why if you paint at home using 80gsm paper, paper itself will often lose its shape and buckle as it dries.

Business Cards & Important Company Documents

If you have ever been handed a business card or received a with compliments slip from a high-quality retailer, the first thing which you will have noticed is the thickness and high-quality feel of such items. This is because the higher the gsm of a piece of paper, the higher quality it feels when being handled. What is more, because of this higher quality feel factor, many businesses choose to invest in things like 100gsm pre-printed letterheads and branded documents for use in official correspondence with their clients.

Are you looking for a local printer who can help you create high-quality print media coupled with a superior feel and document weight? If so, let us help. From 450gsm business cards to high-quality portfolios and presentation folders, we can help you create documents which feel just as superior to handle as they look visually. All you need to do is reach out to us directly to let us know what kind of media you need creating and branding

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