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How to use printed PVC / Vinyl Banners


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The vinyl PVC advertising banner is one of the most popular items that we make and sell at Newstyle Print. They are useful in a series of circumstances, can be fixed in a variety of ways and are likewise one of the most affordable print products when you consider the rate per square metre.

We create them in full colour on wide format printers, utilising professional-grade solvent inks to make sure the print bonds properly with the PVC material to form a weatherproof finish.

Sort-Term PVC Banner Printing - They Won't Last Forever!

It's important to know from the start that vinyl banners are just truly ever designed to be short-term signs - they're not meant to last forever. They CAN last a very long time if they're correctly fixed, but they shouldn't ever be relied upon to replace the function of a proper aluminium indication panel or tray.

PVC material can end up being brittle with age and although the inks that we use are fade-resistant they will still fade in time. If you're expecting your advertisement to still look as good as brand-new in 5 years you're probably going to be dissatisfied. However, if you're realistic about a banner's lifespan and it's still up and practical in 5 years' time you'll probably be delighted!

How To Affix Printed PVC Banners

The best method to affix a banner is flat to a solid surface using rawl plugs, screws and washers. If you do this the banner is held flat and tight, and no wind should be able to get behind it. Banners fixed in this way will last the longest of all.

If a banner is being attached to railings then you need to tension it the best you can with cable ties, and secure them at as many specific points as you can. Keeping them tight will avoid flapping, and this is important. When a banner starts to move about in the wind even a bit, it will damage itself and the fixings with time and slowly worsen and worse.


Custom-made printed PVC banners are brilliant; they truly are. If you're careful and fix them right they can last a long period of time-- however, you need to view that as a benefit. Banner printing material is exceptionally strong and if it tears you were just utilising it in a circumstance that it simply wasn't developed to handle. (Mind you, at our costs, it's not like a banner is going to cost you the earth! We believe that we make some of the highest-quality and best-value banners in the UK, using expert materials at incredibly budget-friendly rates.).

But we don't simply print PVC banners. For several years we've specialised in producing business cards, folded brochures, poster prints, large-format advertisements and a lot more for each type of client, in every market you can consider. So whether you need expert print services, indoor or outdoor ads or the services of our in-house design team, simply get in touch. We 'd like to help create your ideal prints! Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

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