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Top Design Suites for Leaflets, Flyers and Posters


At Newstyle Print, we regularly work with clients who while having all the best intentions in the world, likely won't see as fantastic an ROI on their printed leaflet order, banner design, or poster, as they are hoping to.

We're talking, of course, about people who create DIY print media designs in order to save money, despite having very little design know how. What is more, while creating DIY print media might seem cost effective, consumers themselves will often feel less inclined to find out more about a business, if faced with poorly designed print media which has clearly been created as cheaply as possible.

Free & Not so Free Design Software

As a rule, Microsoft Word leaflet designs (especially those which include clip art) are the worst when it comes to building brand reputability. At the very least, DIY designers need to think about using free and paid professional design tools like Adobe Illustrator or the opensource illustrator GIMP.

Adobe Illustrator Benefits

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are easily the most well-known of professional design suites. Both allow users to create sharp, crisp, and vibrantly colored print media designs. What is more, if stuck for ideas, commercial licenses for professional, ready-made templates can be found at places like the online freelance design hub, Envato Studios.


Unlike Adobe software, the Windows and Linux image manipulation software GIMP is completely free to use. What is more, GIMP can rival Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in many respects. The only downside is that using GIMP can involve something of a steep learning curve.

Poster My Wall

Different from Adobe and GIMP design tools, Poster My Wall is an online, purely point and click professional design tool. Even better, because of a wide variety of free templates, professional leaflets and posters can be created in seconds. Users will just need to select a paid plan when downloading images, however, this will often prove less costly than a full Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop license.

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