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Benefits of Folded Leaflet Vs Standard Leaflet Printing in 2018


At Newstyle Print, our prerogative is to help businesses drive real conversions using professional, low-cost print advertising. Print media advertising, however, is far from a one size fits all marketing solution for businesses.

While poster and roller banner printing might result in fantastic customer engagement in one business context, such devices will not always work as well in another. What is more, this is especially true when it comes to leaflet printing.

Standard One Page Leaflet Printing Vs Folded Leaflet Printing

As a rule, all promotional leaflets need to feature eye-catching design, vibrant colors, and genuinely engaging branding and promotion messages. As a second rule, however, even the most highly visual one-page leaflets won’t last nearly as long on the average coffee table as a higher quality folded leaflet design.

People prefer folded leaflets as they have a brochure-like feel and when used to represent the right business, provide much more in-depth information. The only question is, what kind of contexts are Newstyle Print folded leaflets most suitable for?

Choosing the Right Leaflet Design for the Right Advertising Context

In the majority of cases, a regular one-page leaflet is ideal for one-off promotions:

  • Last minute special offer promotions
  • Open day announcements
  • Event & festival promotions
  • Takeaway restaurant menu offerings & opening times
  • Recruitment days & trade shows

This is because leaflets themselves have a limited shelf life and all but takeaway menus will often be discarded by people prior to a promotion or just as a promotion ends. Folded leaflets, however, will often be retained much longer. This subsequently makes folded leaflets perfect for:

  • Real estate businesses and new to market property announcements
  • Stores stocking a variety of niche or high-end products
  • Tourist attraction promotions
  • Hotel and spa promotions
  • Supermarket and store promotions detailing a variety of different products and special offers

Choosing the Right Distribution Method

There are, of course, crossovers and multiple variables which can make folded leaflets just as perfect for promoting special events and the like. When it comes, however, to driving the best possible level of consumer engagement, context is everything.

In most cases, single page flyers are perfect for newspaper and magazine inserts. This is because such leaflets will make a strong visual impact the moment they are in a person’s line of sight. Folded leaflets, however, will often be better suited to contexts where consumers can be given or collect a leaflet in person. This is because, after receipt of such a leaflet, many people will retain such print media for longer, especially if a leaflet looks and feels particularly high-quality.

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