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Displaying Your Posters


Posters are unique as a modern marketing medium. Poster printing, after all, essentially gave rise to modern marketing and advertising as we know it. Despite, however, over 100-years of posters making high impact marketing impressions, many people don’t actually know how to use posters effectively as an advertising medium.

Thankfully, at Newstyle Print, we do.

Why Context is King

At Newstyle Print, people ordering posters from us already know that placement and high visibility is everything.

People need to see a poster design and feel enthused about it for a poster to start making marketing impressions. Did you know, however, that placing posters in particularly high-traffic areas can actually be counterproductive to the success of a poster advertising and marketing campaign?

Placing posters away from where the highest volumes of people might see them might seem counterproductive. In reality, however, posters aren’t designed to make sudden, single glance marketing impressions. Posters work best when placed in places where people are forced (or choose) to stay stationary for a period of time and as a result, visually absorb more of their surroundings.

Strategic Location Placement & the Psychology of Engagement

At Newstyle Print, many of our poster printing clients would love the opportunity to place posters in places like busy bus interchanges and London underground stations. In reality, however, posters need to be placed where people congregate rather than pass through.

When waiting for a bus or train, you don’t notice the posters and ads in corridors leading to a transport platform. Instead, you notice posters when you are at the platform and finally have a few minutes spare. In this case, never place posters in places where people don’t linger.

Posters as a Phenomenal Local Marketing Medium

One drawback to using posters to advertise is that in many places, ever tighter restrictions are put on individuals and businesses in regard to where it is permissible to advertise. The good news, however, is that council bureaucrats can’t stop you asking other local businesses in your area if they would like to feature your poster in their store, coffee shop window, or restaurant.

While in some cases, certain business niches might not be best served by placing posters in high street shop and cafe windows, doing so can be phenomenally effective. This is because people don’t just pass by high street shop windows. They loiter, they look in, and because posters are protected from the elements behind glass, people see as good as new designs which they will often study much more carefully.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Attention Grabbing Design

Needless to say, design is just as important as placement when it comes to poster driven advertising. This being the case, never have designs printed in bulk until you have had a design reviewed by an unbiased third party and had a test piece printed. Moreover, if in doubt, always as people like ourselves at Newstyle Print if you are unsure about anything.

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