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Promotional Banners


Successful marketing and PR is hugely important. Without the right publicity, your business simply won’t generate new sales leads. Promotional banners can, in this case, provide a brilliant way for you to take your business message directly to the people who need to hear it.

Are you planning an event? Are you opening a new store or showroom? Alternatively, are you an existing business which simply wants to generate more local sales leads? If so, promotional banners are by far the most affordable way to generate interest in regard to who you are and what you do. The reason for this is simple. Unlike other online and offline forms of advertising, a promotional banner represents a single, one-time investment. However, while you might only pay once for a professionally designed and printed banner, it will work 24/7 for as long as you display it, in order to garner the attention of your target audience.

What are the key Benefits of Using A Promotional Banner?

If you’re a local business, a promotional banner will allow you to communicate your business message to your target audience every day. This being the case, someone who might not necessarily be in need of your services will nevertheless, be more likely to consider working with you when they are in need of whatever products or services you offer.

However, one of the most significant benefits of promotional banners lies with their versatility. From product launches to exercise classes, a banner is literally a blank canvas which you can use to promote any kind of goods or services. In like regard, branding your banner can result in phenomenal local brand awareness. This, in turn, will then lead to your products and services becoming similarly popular.

Last but not least, promotional banners are versatile. While most people will associate vinyl banners and the like with roadside and trade show advertisements, banners themselves can actually be hung anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, on building exteriors and over fences. – Providing that you have the right to display a promotion in an area, a printed promotional banner can be placed almost anywhere. All businesses need to do is ensure that a banner is hung in as high traffic an area as possible.

Using a Promotional Banner to Complement your Online Marketing Strategy

Given the rise and easy accessibility of high-quality digital printing technology, promotional banners are no longer just about bulky block text and clipart like infographics. Rather, laser inkjet printing now allows banner designers to create just as stunning visuals as those which people are used to encountering online and in print. However, the relatively recent advances in high-quality digital printing services, now also mean that promotional banners can directly complement more contemporary online marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

Where in the past, a promotional banner would simply be tasked with directing viewers to physical street addresses and contact telephone numbers, advances in banner printing mean that call to actions can now also drive people toward websites and social media pages. In this way, businesses don’t just get to engage with consumers as they walk through the door after seeing a banner. Instead, a banner can encourage more potential consumers to start interacting with businesses instantly by connecting with them on places like Facebook.

Promotional Banners and Your Business

If you are considering using a promotional banner in order to engage with more of your target audience, make sure to reach out to us today. We will help you decide what banner material and size might be best for your business. Newstyle Print specialise in promotional banner printing. For more information please call 0800 024 8892.

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