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Printing Tips for 2017 & 2018


At Newstyle Print, we serve thousands of customers every year. What is more, it is safe to say that the majority of our customers are people in need of stunning new printed flyers, posters, and banners, in order to help them market local businesses and events. What is more, it goes without question that when marketing any kind of business or launching any kind of promotion, print media itself needs to be genuinely eye-catching and of the highest possible overall print quality.

You Need to Invest in Professional Design Tools

If you use print media regularly, you probably won’t want to pay a professional poster or banner designer thousands of pounds for every new print design your business requires. At the same time, however, the easiest way in the world to kill a business is to try and market a special offer on a printed flyer designed in something like Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Office created print media is only acceptable for schools and office administration areas. If you want print media designs which really wow your target audience, you need to invest in software like Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop or free Open Source alternatives like Inkscape and Gimp.

Let Your Print Design Rest

At Newsyle Print, we have everyone from local hotel managers to local grocery store owners approach us with leaflet, banner, and poster designs which they need printing. In almost every case, however, DIY print media designs can be severely lacking. From spelling errors to poor overall aesthetic value, some of the print designs we come across simply shouldn’t see the light of day. There is, of course, only one problem. Namely, your local print shop owner isn’t also your local editor.

In many cases, printers like ourselves simply don’t have time to check designs for anything more than bleed before we go to print. The best thing to do, in this case, is get someone to give you some impartial feedback on your print design before you go to print. Much more importantly, always have a second and third party check media for spelling and grammar issues. 

Remember That Cheap Isn’t Always Cheerful

At Newstyle Print, we offer as affordable print services as it is possible to. Never, however, do we compromise on the quality of the work which we produce.

Sadly, many online printers and budget print shops do compromise on things like paper quality and even the quality of the inks they use. This being the case, never choose the cheapest possible printer and always contact printers themselves to discuss your print requirements prior to placing an order with them.

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