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How To Hang A PVC Banner Correctly


Well placed and highly visible vinyl banners help businesses start generating almost instantaneous new sales leads. Even in heavily built-up areas, vinyl banners make stand out visual impacts which it simply isn’t possible not to remember or feel instantly enthused by.

Sadly, while print shops like ourselves at Newstyle Print can create and print inspiring banner designs guaranteed to help you drive new sales, we can’t really help when it comes to hanging banners or choosing where to display such media. What we can do, though, is give you some basic tips in regard to how to go about this yourself.

Always Ensure That You Have Permission To Display Your Banner

The most important thing to remember when displaying a vinyl banner is that many local councils won’t be happy with you hanging a banner just anywhere. Roadside metal fences and public display areas will often require you to have written approval for hanging a banner. What is more, if you plan on hanging a banner from your own business premises, you will always need to make sure that this is done safely and with express permission from people like your property landlord.

When To Use Rope & Bungee Cords

Because of the changeable (and often blustery) nature of British weather, it is of paramount importance to always secure a vinyl banner correctly. This being the case, when hanging banners at high elevations on buildings or between trees and other free-standing structures, always use rope or bungee cords which can hang a banner securely whilst still allowing it to stand up to particularly high winds. At the same time, always make sure that gromets are used where rope and bungee cords thread through banner corners. This way, you won’t need to worry about your banner ripping or becoming damaged during even the most adverse weather.

Using Zip Ties & Screws

As a rule, while zip ties can be used to hang a vinyl banner, they are not suitable for hanging a banner at high elevations. Zip ties are strong but can easily fail. This being the case, they are best used by advertisers when hanging banners on fences and treillage. What advertisers can do, however, is use screws and washers to fix banners at higher elevations to solid surfaces such as walls and even roof areas.

Backdrop Frames & Flag Pole Brackets

If you operate your business in an area where local authorities are set against you hanging a banner on or around your property, the easiest way to get around such restrictions is to use a backdrop frame. A backdrop frame is essentially a pole temporary display frame which will help you showcase your banner without hanging it. What is more, backdrop frames are particularly ideal for trade show and event banner displays.

Of course, in an ideal world, you won’t need to worry about any restrictions on how you display your banner. This being the case, if you are looking to have your banner make as much impact as possible, you might want to think about using pole brackets designed to connect banner corners to flag poles, utility poles, and similar structures. – Just remember that if you choose to display your banner this way, you should ideally think about using a double-sided banner to capitalize on your medias full display potential.

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