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Event & Marketing Flyer Printing Sizes


Full colour printed flyers are a fantastic way to promote everything from the opening of new retail outlets to local events and festivals. Of course, flyer printing sizes and designs vary. However, for any event or promotion to be successful, people need to be aware of it. In this case, and with things like billboard, magazine and newspaper advertisements being expensive, flyer printing is a great way to promote an event or business promotion, even on the most frugal of budgets.

Are you hosting an event or running a business promotion which you want to make people aware of as cost effectively as possible? The good news is that creating a batch of flyers to either hand out or distribute by post is easy. You simply decide on what flyer printing sizes you think will best suit your promotion and create a killer design.

Printed flyers aren’t just good for marketing events and promotions to people individually. Rather, flyers help spread news regarding business events via word of mouth also. Yes, some people won’t interact with your flyer at all. However, with the right design, those who do will be much more likely to spread the word about your promotion for you.

Why Flyer Printing Sizes Matter

Do you want to enthuse people enough with your next flyer to make them want to talk about you and cross promote your business? If so, it’s important to note that flyer printing sizes, as well as the overall design of your flyer, can affect how well people engage with your material.

Flyer printing sizes of A6 and A5 are well documented to foster the best level of engagement when distributed to your target audience. However, whether you use an A6 or A5 flyer will also depend on your chief distribution channel. A6 sized flyers, for example, are often the best for handing to people in person as their smaller size makes them ideal for people to immediately place in their pocket and keep for closer inspection later.

Will you be posting rather than distributing flyers in person? If this is the case flyer printing sizes of either A6 or A5 can be used. Being bigger, A5 designs will often grab people’s attention better, however, research has shown that when delivered in an envelope, both A6 and A5 flyers actually engage people at a similar level. This being the case, if your budget is an issue when you are deciding on which flyer printing sizes to invest in, it is perhaps best to invest in an A6 size flyer which can be delivered via envelope rather than an A5 flyer which would be better suited to insertion into a magazine or newspaper.

Choosing the Right Finish

When it comes to the look and feel of your flyer, many businesses believe that creating the most inspiring and intuitive design possible is the key to eventually acquiring more sales leads. However, this isn’t actually the case a lot of the time. In fact, less is often more when it comes to smaller flyer sizes especially, as too many patterns, colours and fonts can often make flyers appear confusing.

Flyer Printing & You

Are you thinking about distributing flyers in order to raise awareness of your next event or business promotion? If so, we can help you choose between which flyer printing sizes and design styles might work best for your campaign. Newstyle Print specialise in flyer  printing. For more information please call 0800 024 8892.

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