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How To Hang A PVC Banner Correctly

Well placed and highly visible vinyl banners help businesses start generating almost instantaneous new sales leads. Even in heavily built-up areas, vinyl banners make stand out visual impacts which it simply isn’t possible not to remember or feel instantly enthused by. Sadly, while print shops like ourselves at Newstyle Print can create and print inspiring […]

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International Paper Sizes: What are they & why do they matter?

Most of us take domestic and commercial paper sizes completely for granted. When we receive formal correspondence of any kind, we expect that such letters will be printed on A4 size paper like that used in our home printers. The only question is, who sets different paper sizes in the first place and how are […]

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How Many Leaflets Should I Print?

When print shop owners suggest to new customers that somewhere in the region of 10,000 leaflets might be sufficient, people new to commercial printing can feel like they are being played for a fool. What many new startups and businesses don’t understand, however, is that leaflets and flyers don’t convert just because business owners want […]

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Personalised Birthday Banner Printing

It’s your birthday! The only question is, are all your friends and family as excited as you are? Whether you are celebrating a birthday at home or at a dedicated event venue, a printed PVC banner is the perfect way to announce your party and in doing so, add significantly to senses of celebration. Birthday […]

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Types of Modern Printing Methods

By and large, many people take printing for granted in 2017. With just a couple of mouse clicks, after all, anyone with a home computer and printer can print everything from their own letters to their own basic signage and promotional flyers. Printing, however, wasn’t always this easy. In fact, it wasn’t until the invention […]

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How to Design A Promotional Flyer

Because of the easy availability of many office and graphic design computer applications, it is easier than ever for anyone to create their very own promotion flyers, posters, and other forms of printed media. In fact, if you were to commission someone else to design a flyer or piece of promotional media for you, there […]

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