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What are Vinyl Banners?


Vinyl Banners are one of the world’s most recognizable outdoor advertising mediums. Since long before the rise of digital marketing and even professional inkjet laser printing, small and large businesses alike have used vinyl banner printing to advertise all kinds of products and services. The only question is, what are vinyl banners and how does vinyl banner printing work?

Vinyl Banner Printing 101

Vinyl banners themselves are made using heavy weight vinyl which many people will more commonly know as PVC. Vinyl itself is the optimum material to use for outdoor banner advertisements as it is both weatherproof and durable. In like regard, the heavy weight of vinyl means that banners can be hung and fastened everywhere from building sides to roadsides.

However, the vinyl used in vinyl banner printing is only part of the story. After all, a banner is nothing without an eye-catching, sales lead inducing design and call to action. This being the case after a business has settled on the size of the vinyl banner it thinks will suit a specific purpose, vinyl banner printing services will use either digital printing or screen printing to add a professional design concept.

Benefits of Digital Vinyl Banner Printing

Digital vinyl banner printing is by far the most popular form of banner printing. This is because one piece inkjet printers can create photographic quality designs which are both professional looking and relatively inexpensive. In fact, digital printing alone helps vinyl banners make just as big an impact today as they did in the pre-digital age of hand painted banner designs.

However, as well as being ultimately eye-catching and versatile, vinyl banners are also much more durable than any other advertising medium. Unlike printed flyers and posters, vinyl banners represent a one-off investment for businesses, one which they can use time and time again to advertise their products and services. In fact, if properly cared for, vinyl banners can last for years.

Of course, if branding, contact information or service details change, a banner won’t magically be able to update itself. However, when well cared for, there is nothing to stop a vinyl banner becoming just as established a marketing tool as your website or any other advertising medium.

Chief Uses of Vinyl Banner Printing

Because vinyl banners are weatherproof, they are predominantly used for outdoor display purposes. Often used for promoting events, vinyl banner printing is a fantastic way to garner real-world local interest in businesses and events. However, vinyl banners are often also used indoors at trade shows and conferences, as part of local council promotions, and even as internal and external office window advertisements.

Vinyl banners if you like, are perhaps one of the world’s most effective and timeless marketing tools. All you or your business needs to ensure is that your banner design itself is complemented by a strong call to action. In like regard, any banner design needs to reflect your business branding, prominently display your contact details, and ultimately enthuse your audience with whatever it is that you are promoting.

Would you Like to Experience the Benefits of Vinyl Banner Printing

A vinyl banner can make an excellent addition to the tools which you use every day to market and promote your business. Even better, a banner is easy to maintain and will work 24/7 to help you acquire new sales leads. This being the case, make sure to call or contact us today to start discussing how a vinyl banner might benefit your business. Newstyle Print specialise in vinyl banner printing. For more information please call 0800 024 8892.  

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